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Thread: Can you tune a high g string up to C?

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    Default Can you tune a high g string up to C?

    Hi, wondering if it would be possible to do this, to have a high c an octave above the typical c? Wrong forum sorry! I’d lock if I knew how!
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    I suppose you could. I'd use an A string tune it down. I have no idea how it would change the harmonics while you play, though.
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    I don't know how far a high g will stretch.You are going up three whole tones, five semitones so it may be getting a bit tight and tetchy. Is there a prize for finding out seeing as you have posted this in the "Contest" section You may be better off in the Ukulele Tips, Tricks and Technique or Uke Talk section

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    Keep in mind that you would have to learn entirely new chord fingerings.
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    I’d use a high c out of a six string set.
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    I keep one of my ukuleles in D, which makes the g string an a, and that is pretty tight. Also, it will put extra stress on your bridge. Don't think I would try it, myself.
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    Yes. You'll be fine- especially for a change that miniscule.

    "Thicker Gauged" strings are essentially just strings that would normally be elsewhere in your setup. For example, the high E of an 11s set? That's just a B string from a 9s set.
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