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    I just used your ‘ukulele boot camp’ practice videos on YouTube.
    I went through the 4-3-2-1 strum practices videos and was challenged with the keys of A and D...of course I was doing the chord changes from memory, but still, it was an enjoyable experience 😃
    Thank you, again so much for putting these videos on YT for everyone to access and use.
    I encourage my students to view and use them during their homework between classroom sessions👍

    For other UU members reading this, please check out Choirguy’s ukulele boot camp practice videos to gain, regain, and maintain chord familiarity and chord- changing facility!

    Keep uke’in’,
    Uncle Rod Higuchi
    ( )

    Ukulele Boot Camp, FREE Songbook, Holiday, Hawaiian & More:
    Crazy G tutorial on YouTube ( uncle rod crazy g )
    pdf file for Crazy G:

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    My pleasure...thank you for letting me make them!

    Anyone wanting to access the playlist for the Boot Camp Videos can go here:

    Your boot camp approach resulted in a very powerful addition to my own I introduce chords, I first have students complete a "skill drill," which is like a "boot camp lite." This allows them to focus on the new chord in the context of the previous chords, away from the stress of playing along with a song or worrying about strumming patterns. These are HIGHLY effective, and while students freak out the first time they are asked to play one strum on each beat, they quickly learn how to do it. 'Ukulele Boot Camp is where I drew the inspiration for these videos (before I made the Boot Camp Videos).

    Disclaimer: I don't even talk about strumming patterns until they know 10-15 chords well.

    I also test them using the skill drill videos (we're a 1:1 iPad school, and students can have another student video tap their playing (focusing on both hands) and submit them for assessment using our course management system (Schoology).

    For an example, here's the skill drill for C, F, and G.

    And here's my most recent one, for A, which reflects a few changes in my own video creation process.

    My ukulele blog:

    My ukulele YouTube channels:

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