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Thread: Do You Use a Tablet, Rather than Books?

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    12” iPad Pro and forScore

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    As a technophile I feel like I should be in favor of using a tablet and saving trees, but I just hate trying to read tabs on a small screen, particularly if they are multiple pages. Trying to scroll ahead without missing a beat is difficult, and in a multi page view it is too small for me to read. That said, I DO frequently use a 32" computer monitor to display tab PDFS in a 2 page view and tap a foot pedal scroll down if it is more than 2 pages.... or at least I did until my foot pedal broke. I really need to rebuild that pedal at some point. It was pretty handy.

    I have used my ipad for writing up tabs, but I find I prefer the convenience of a keyboard using Guitar Pro 7 on my workstation or laptop (which is really pretty overkill for the simple little tabs I am doing).
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    Absolutely....iPad 7 and Onsong.
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    Being a geek, I've gone through a variety of tablets and apps and finally settled on an iPad Pro 12.9" (70year old eyes) and forScore, although I found that MobileSheets Pro is a better, but it's only available on Android and Windows 10 tablets. The developer says it will be on the iPad at some time, but it hasn't happened yet, and it doesn't record, which I do all the time with forScore.

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    Our small local group all use android tablets or iPads. With the exception of one member who still lugs his two hundred and ten page printed folder around with him! The majority of us find the tablet fits inside the ukulele case easily and is far less bother than a paper folder/ring-binder.
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    E-ink readers are another option, in some ways better than normal tablets as they use so little power and are easy on the eyes. Have a look at this website to get an idea of what's available. Many use the Android operating system and can run much Android software.

    Not always the cheapest option, but worth looking into.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VegasGeorge View Post
    I use the large iPad Pro and the forScore app. Right now I have 384 items on it. It takes pdf files, so I can download pdf's ready to go, or make my own using Text Edit or Pages.
    Since getting the Kindle, I found a super easy way to convert files to PDFs. Simply go to Print and select PDF as the output. Easy peasy.
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    I have all my uke books on the tablet (and the PC), many as samples, gives perspective what uke is about.

    When it comes to the playing, I prefer to work on one (Beatles) piece at a time, the text with chords on paper print. So I don't have any problem with paper piles (yet? ). The tablet is very useful for example when comparing piano chords, sound and all, with the uke chords, my old piano experience coming to life and supporting understanding and experience.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joyful Uke View Post
    I didn't know that Kindles could read PDFs. I'm definitely not high tech. :-)

    I don't spend a lot of $ printing things out, but with that too, I suppose there is a lot of variation in money spent. Maybe part of the difference is that I don't play outside my house, vs. those of you who go to uke groups and/or perform. Some of you, I'm sure, need to carry around large amounts of music.
    You are right, Kindle itself is not particularly PDF friendly. But the MobileSheets app is. I don't think MobileSheets will do anything but PDFs. In fact, if someone sends me a PDF and I want to view it on my Kindle I do it in the MobileSheets app. I even have a folder in it for non music PDFs.
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    12” iPad Pro with ForScore as per a UUer’s recommendation from thread a year or so ago. Genius scan for scanning and saving to Dropbox.

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