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    Default Workshop review

    This isn't a review of an ukulele, but a review of a workshop.
    I just attended two workshops by James Hill.
    Yesterday, in Teach the Teacher, James' way of starting a brand new player is totally different from what we were taught to do. He uses a concept called "twin chords", that make learning way simpler than, "here's a C, now here's a G7, so let's practice changing between them."
    We are going to sit down this summer and change our library beginner and advanced beginner workshops to use his method, which will be much easier, sound better, be more fun, and will keep the students engaged better.
    We'll be able to get much more done, and may be able to shorten the workshops, which now last 1.75 hours!

    His Intermediate workshop builds on the beginner workshop, of course. I've been trying to learn to play ukulele for 8 years, and have been to a dozen or more workshops, and have NEVER had a light-bulb go off like in this one. For the 1st time, I actually believe that I may finally get beyond the advanced beginner stage! My wife just signed us up for James' The Ukulele Way courses.

    I think I might finally get to stop fighting my uke!

    If you ever have the chance to go to his workshops, do it! They're the best bang for the buck we've spent since beginning to play.

    After I've played with the new course for a while, maybe I'll do a review of it here.
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    Great to hear about your workshop experience. I have been on The Ukulele Way and love the site. Even on his video lessons his patience and understanding of my errors and lack of ability comes through. He does monitor this site and gives feedback and answers questions when appropriate. Best bang for the buck that I have found!

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    James Hill is a master teacher! I attended his Ukulele Hotsprings weekend and learned so much so quickly, totally blew me away and it felt so different than the many ukulele festivals I had previously attended.
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    I signed up about a month ago and I like the method used but he does go into music theory fairly early on and sight reading which I have been very slow to learn. I'm sticking with it though because I believe it will significantly improve my playing if I keep at it.

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    Great topic. Good for youNickie bring this up. We need more of these and more reviews and comments on books, courses etc to help us become better player. I love hardware reviews but they don’t make me a better player. I was signed up for Ukulele way and got started and liked it but work got in the way. I retire this summer so want to re sign up and delve more into it. Attending a James Hill workshop is top of my list.

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    I agree. I attended a James Hill session for beginners at Sorrento BC. ( Kamloops Ukulele Festival) Very talented individual and able to bring information down to the level required for his audience. Gives one hope that some day one will be able to become somewhat accomplished with the ukulele.
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