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Thread: Season 366 - House of Mouse

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    This is my favorite Disney movie and song, and I reached back into a small slice of my heritage for this selection from Pocahontas. the song is "Colors of the Wind", stripped bare and sung and played with my phone, a uke, and a pure love for this song.
    Lately I have hated my productions, so I am going back to what I love - just me and the uke.


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    I did all the key changes, so it gets a little high at the end. But don't worry, I didn't attempt a terrible fake cockney accent.

    P.S. The little whistle bit that I tacked on to the end is the tune Mickey whistled in "Steamboat Willie."

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    Never mind the words, just hum along and keep on going...

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    More fun with 100 kids...but they are not here right now.

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    Great day 1! We have three Mary Poppins and two Jungle Book, unsurprising considering how good those soundtracks are. Keep it coming!
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    My original this week is a tribute to my very first true crush... which lasted years.... Hayley Mills....

    Hope you like:

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    Hi, Ryan! Well, this song is not from "Mary Poppins" or "The Jungle Book", but from "The Lady And The Tramp". (I am a bit out of touch with Disney songs, but hope to come up with at least one more ... and I hope that Nathan will enjoy this week!)

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    Nice theme.
    My favourite Disney song is anything from Alladin - but I have already tried those songs and failed so I am going to google Disney Princesses Facts and try and write a song.

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    The Sword in the Stone is one of my most favorite Disney animated movies, mostly because the character design was done by Bill Peet (Who was an animator, but primarily was a story developer). After a personal break with Walt Disney (the man) over production of The Jungle Book, Peet went on to illustrate a bunch of children’s books, which were among my favorites when I was little. He’s also one of the reasons I wanted to be an animator when I was younger. Unfortunately computers were taking over from traditional cel animation (thanks Toy Story) and I missed the boat.

    Anyway, here’s a lesson song sung by Merlin to a young Arthur after he, Merlin, transformed them both into fish. This one was also written by the Sherman Bro.s


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    I have always loved the scene with the crows from Dumbo.
    The original lead crow was voiced by ukulele hero, Cliff Edwards, so we are in good company, despite the fact that this scene gets panned as being racist.
    I guess that may be so, but the younger me didn't think that way, and I love it the same as when I was a kid.
    I am grateful that I got a chance to try and work out the chords to this number and sing it, because Cliff Edwards' performance was so great, it was a real hoot, no CAW!, to do this.

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    Adding to the Jungle Book wave, here's another rendition. I seem to be fighting a cold, so my voice got super-raspy on this take, but it works for the song, so I kept it.

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