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Thread: What was your first video game?

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    Paddle battle.

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    I was playing FIFA 08, I don't know why, but I fell in love with that game, I played it for more than 5 years, and I can tell you that those were the best five years in my life. I actually still play FIFA, I just love these simulators. But now as I grow up, I started to use cheats sometimes. I found on some interesting tricks, and know the game started to be more and more interesting. I am playing in career mode a lot, and sometimes it's good when you have more transfer budget money to buy players.
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    I don't remember my first video game, but I know for sure which is my favorite and loved video game.
    There is nothing better than playing League of Legends.

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    I am not a huge video games fan, but I played some small online ones some time ago I like online casinos a lot too, and I think it is a really great way to relax and have some fun in the evenings. What do you think about it? Maybe you can give me any tips here, that would be interesting
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    the hardest video game ever QWOP! Play it here:

    Not the first video game I played, but maybe the last.
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    It depends on a specific platform. On SEGA genesis 2 it was Aladdin, on Dreamcast it was Unreal Tournament, and on PC it was something from a batch of great indie games, I couldn't even remember. Talking of games, for nowadays - I spend more time on developing games, actually. And well, you should know how hard is that to make it, to develop and complete a videogame from scratch. Bring my game ideas to life section from iLogos - helped our firm a lot. When we've seen it, we understood that those game devs can help us with a lot of implementations in our game projects as well.
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    Nintendo folding led screens. Mario & Luigi stacking crates. played it till the unit stopped working.

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