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Thread: What was your first video game?

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    I actually don't remember my first game but I believe that it was one of the Need for Speed editions but I definitely remember about my latest game which I am playing a lot with plenty of free time available at the moment in this quarantine period. The game is Call of Duty: Warzone which is released about 20 days ago and I have been playing it daily for about 3-4 hours for more than a week. Get great tips and tricks about this fantastic game at

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    Default I played my first game on sega and it was Dragon the Bruce Lee story

    I played my first game on sega and it was Dragon the Bruce Lee story, man what a game it was i still paly it on ssega i don't know why it is ban from some countries cause i have to use vpn to open maybe because it matters from region to region.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Canuckulele View Post
    Do you remember your first game? I remember shoving quarters in a Pong machine at the local fair in the early 70s.
    Super Mario and snow bros.
    Because I am 90's kid.

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    Pong - and it was fascinating. Things on the TV responded to my input. We accumulated quite a few Intellivision games. What amazed me was that all the movement on the screen was produced with no movement in the game console. I grew up with audio tape and 8 mm film - which moved to provide sound or action.
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    i think it was "mask of eternity", good game

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