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Thread: What was your first video game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Col50 View Post

    Then Space Invaders

    Then Pacman
    Me too, we had pong console with Pong Hockey and Handball for solo play- then I got a handheld football game with little red LEDs. Missile Command, Tempest and Defender were some favorites. My most recent is Rocksmith for PS3 in 2014. It teaches you how to play guitar with your real guitar plugged into it.

    I just looked up Rocksmith and it still is being sold. You can play your bass or do vocals too if you have a bass or a usb mic.
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    Paddle battle.

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    I was playing FIFA 08, I don't know why, but I fell in love with that game, I played it for more than 5 years, and I can tell you that those were the best five years in my life. I actually still play FIFA, I just love these simulators. But now as I grow up, I started to use cheats sometimes. I found on some interesting tricks, and know the game started to be more and more interesting. I am playing in career mode a lot, and sometimes it's good when you have more transfer budget money to buy players.
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