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Thread: What UAS afflicted need.

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    That is really funny.
    I suppose it could come in handy for someone who is in potential trouble for his UAS.
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    Great idea!
    Too many ukes, but I can't stop buying!

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    My wife just insists that if I buy it, I play it. But the one I don't play, she won't let me sell, because "it is too pretty."

    It's a laminated zebrawood Republic concert. She says I can sell it AFTER I replace it with a zebrawood uke that sounds as good as it looks.

    In the meantime, go ahead and get as many as I want/can afford. Just play them.
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    Am I done?


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    Quote Originally Posted by ubulele View Post
    Mind boggled. Is this the same guy who for years was content with just a Makala, and rocked UU when he finally bought a Mainland? If your wife doesn't notice, with your glacier-like pace of acquisition, it may be time to get her a seeing eye dog! Does she know you're not just a neighbor who keeps dropping in unannounced?
    Quote Originally Posted by Rllink View Post
    Well it is true that I don't buy a lot of ukuleles, but I did buy one around Christmas time to replace the Mainland that my grand daughter broke. So my point still stands. I don't know who she thinks I am, but she knows that I've been dropping in for about thirty-six years, so it isn't a surprise.
    Gotta say that this little exchange between Ubulele and Rllink is pretty much my favourite thing on UU EVER.

    Thanks chaps

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