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Thread: What's up with the Martin C1K?

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    I had. Martin C1K purchased used off reverb. Eventually I also acquired a koa Kanilea and a koa Koaloha. I did a blind sound test with these as well as a couple of other concerts i had, judged by a couple of friends.

    They gave it a three way tie between the Kani, Koaloha, and Martin. It was not as pretty to look at as the others, but was very well made, no defects. It smelled great! It was light and pleasant to play.

    In hindsight, if I was doing it all over again and was new to he uke world and wanted to buy my first solid wood, good-sounding uke without spending twelve hundred bucks, I would go with the Martin. Then I would play the crap out of it and not shop around for a better uke till I WAS ready to spend twelve hundred.

    In the end I sold the others, but still have the Koaloha. Now I want to switch to mostly tenors, so I will be selling the concert, or trading it towards a tenor Koaloha.

    I just bought an Opio long neck concert, and it is not as evenly balanced nor as smooth as my concert Koolaha.
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    I have one and so does a friend. We like both the looks and the sound. Maybe it an "eye of the beholder" thing. When you consider the price, compared with a KoAloha koa concert, it's a bargain. I got mine used for under $400.

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    I absolutely love my C1K. I'll agree with some other posters, there are certainly variations in the Koa appearance from uke to uke--you have to look around for a great pick. That's another reason I loved buying from Mim--pictures of each individual uke.

    For comparison, below a some pictures of the front any back of my C1K.

    As for sound, I can't claim any comparison to a K-brand because I've never heard them side by side live. IMO, it's my best sounding uke and well worth the price I paid.

    C1K - 1.jpg C1K - 2.jpg

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    Does anyone play a Martin with a pickup?
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