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Thread: Cali Walnut Baritone from Mike Pereira

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    Default Cali Walnut Baritone from Mike Pereira

    Was looking to find a Cali Walnut Baritone by Mike Pereira since September. Mim was able able to get me one, a very nice sounding one. Had an older MP baritone a while back, and wanted to see what a new MP would sound like in comparison. The Cali ukes by Mike are built in small batches, similar to a production setting. Therefore, Mike can keep the pricing down to under $1000. These Cali models are low on bling, but big on sound. All Black Walnut body, Honduran Mahogany neck, East Indian Rosewood fingerboard & bridge. Black Walnut headstock overlay, Cali decal on back of the headstock. MOP face dots. Bone nut & saddle. Basic Grover 14:1 open geared tuners and a simple satin poly finish. The fit and finish are great, very comfortable to play. The neck is smooth and just the right flattish D shape and thickness (not too thick). Great intonation, smooth fretwork, all as you would expect from Mike.

    Living Water strings are standard. While I like them, the D string can be thuddy. So, I took some advice and swapped it out for a .033 smooth wound Oasis tenor G string (it worked!). Sounds better, clear, warm and smooth, lots of volume. I'm impressed with sound. Here's a sample.

    For just under $1000, this baritone is hard to beat for quality construction, comfort and sound. Custom sound and quality at a production price.

    A few pics.
    P1090092 by , on Flickr
    P1090090 by , on Flickr
    P1090083 by , on Flickr
    P1090079 by , on Flickr
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    A beauty - in both sound and looks. Congratulations, Hodge!
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    Ditto. What a nice instrument. I'm not familiar with this maker, so thanks for posting this.
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    Ditto again, very nice looking baritone and the notes thick and clear almost piano like.


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    Fantastic instrument Doc. I love the look of that walnut, beautiful grain and colour variations. It sounds as wonderful as it looks, and it's a real bargin considering it is custom built. Congratulatiins and thanks for the great review as always
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    It really looks like a great instrument! I am very interested in these and I'm considering buying another baritone soon.

    I've seen Cali instruments before in stores and I've enjoyed playing them if I recall. My reason for not considering buying one so far though is very, very petty and silly. The name "Cali" is a big turn-off for me. In my experience... people from California do not call our state Cali. Out of staters do, it's a shibboleth. It's faux-surfer speak. So it's kind of weird to me that a California builder would use the name... but to each their own. Others may not mind at all, but I know I am not alone.

    So, yeah, it's silly. Otherwise, I would absolutely love to have a locally built black walnut instrument. These days my interest is now 100% in keeping an eye out for instruments made by local Northern California builders (which for me, is Kala Elite, Tyde, and individuals like Mike).

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