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Thread: Changing strings

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    Quote Originally Posted by bpete View Post
    I struggled a bit with mine as the tenor uke uses bridge pins. I started changing the, all but broke a bridge pin. I bought new pins and am just waiting for them to arrive. Next uke purchase I will steer away from bridge pins.
    I use beads with bridge pins after my thin fluorocarbon strings would occasionally pop out as I was tightening them. The grooves were made for nylon strings and the fluoros were too thin. There are several YouTube videos about restringing ukes with bridge pins.

    I don't know about other brands, Kanile'a ukuleles have a groove from the pin hole to the frets for the string. So you turn the groove notch in the pin towards the butt of the uke and not towards the headstock. I believe they have a video available online that shows the best way to restring one.
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    I also recommend a string winder, most come with a ‘wrench’ that can be used to remove bridge pins.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kherome View Post
    I bought an amazing Kala Elite from a forum member, and it came with a low G wound string. I really liked the sound. But I struggled with play along with videos because most of them had traditional gCEA tuning instead and my efforts didn't sound the same, which as a newbie, that threw me off. I finally got brave and restrung the uke to gCEA, by myself, which was very unnerving *for me.* I'm sure it's nothing to most but whew, I feel like I survived be done, restrung, and everything went ok. (I think!) To make it more complicated (IMO) the uke strings go through the body, it's not as simple as a tie bridge. Trying to get the strings in and out through the sound hole was a little tough a couple of times. When I am a better player, I look forward to restringing with a low g again.
    Haha, yes, my favorite ukulele has a through-bridge, and I love the design; it looks great, keeps the bridge from popping off and it saves the hassle of trying to weave the string ends underneath each other, making sure they all point in the same direction, deciding how short to clip them off, avoiding poking oneself in the arm with then when clasping the uke tightly in difficult situations....

    ... But every time I change the strings, I forget *at least* two or three times to first poke the string through, and then tie a knot in the end!

    Usually, I have it figured out by the time I reach string nr 4

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    I would advise buying a pin lifter. Mine is also a winder which makes it much easier to achieve a tidy wind around the tuners and is a lot quicker unwinding and winding up.

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    Hello, I’m a newbie to both ukes and this site. I have a question on how do I know when to change my strings and thought this might be the appropriate thread. I have a Goldtone Little Gem banjo-Uke with what I think are nylon strings. I play some banjo and guitar, which are metal strings and I have a sense when to change them.....but never having nylon strings before what triggers should I be looking for to signal time for a change. And, I will be taking them to my music store I’m not prone to do stuff on it myself. Also, what brand and type of strings would you reccommend. Thanx any advice will be appreciated.


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    As your fingernails and frets wear the string, the diameter becomes untrue and loses sustain, volume and suffers intonation problems. The string actually feels slightly textured, as if sanded, and makes more finger noise when plucked. One obvious indicator is it becomes impossible to tune: funky harmonics and upper notes will be out of tune albeit the open string is fine. Fluorocarbon strings from Martin, Worth and Romero Creations sound good on my 'uku and I suspect would okay on a banjo-Uke.

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    Run your fingers under the strings. If you can feel groves where they hit the frets, change them.
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    Great! Thanx for the tips I appreciate them.

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    To the OP - I have just bought my second uke, a tenor, and I'm planning on restringing that as a low G, just to try it out. I'll keep my concert (and the soprano I got for my birthday just after buying the tenor - ukes are like buses, apparently!) as high G, for precisely the reason you changed; when watching videos, it'll be easier to tell when I'm getting things right than if one of the strings is always going to sound different.

    Or, to put it another way, this is a perfect excuse to buy another ukulele!

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    Hello all, a newbie here. I was looking for at the replies on this from my previous post on when should i change the strings question.

    I have a Little Gem, I’ve had it for about 6 months with the standard strings. When I asked when should I change them, the answers hovered around string wear. The issue I have is I do not see any wear on the strings but the tone on some strings is beginning to sound a little flat. I’ve checked the neck and such and all seems okay. Is this a sign my strings need changing? Or, something else. Thanx.
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