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Thread: If You Could Buy Any Ukulele

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    Hm . . . I would like a concert ukulele made out of Redwood . . .
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    I already have a custom Beau Hannam so my next dream Uke would be Mo Bettah by Chuck Moore hands down,

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    I would like a Kamaka that belonged to George Harrison.

    If I couldn't have that, I would want a Sumi Kobo Hummingbird.

    This one sold in a few days for £2650.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Oldtoolie View Post
    I would like a Kamaka that belonged to George Harrison.
    Ohhh, that would be something very special.

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    Well, my dream is coming true! I've commissioned a one of a kind design by Donna LoPrinzi. I can't imagine needing a more special uke than that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by merlin666 View Post
    Compared to other consumer goods and services I find ukuleles and guitars very affordable and life is too short not to play what you dream off as long as it does not take quality of life away from you and your loved ones. As a result I now own many more and much better instruments than I actually ever dreamed of. And although they are way beyond my skill and talent level I do believe that they make me a better player. Don't let a price tag stand between you and a great uke!
    I totally agree with this remark. If I had stuck with the first Uke I purchased I would have never continued playing the Uke. It hurt my ears and my soul to play an instrument that made me cringe every time I played it. Playing the instruments I have now and in the recent past has encouraged me to play more and even be engaged in ‘formal’ music lessons again for the first time in nearly 60 years.

    Actually I don’t know why I even started to read this thread as I am personally in a de-acquisition mode. I have already started selling off my collection and will probably see its size cut in half soon. But the dream of being even a small part of the creation of a bespoke instrument is a pleasant one to spend a little time on.

    As you can see from my signature block I currently own some great instruments and have owned many others in the past. I have always and only seen myself as the ‘current custodian’ of the instruments I have purchased or commissioned. Once I reached the level of custom made instruments I learned a number of interesting and important things. Every instrument had its own unique voice so playing it was like meeting and talking to people from far away and interesting places. I also learned that each responded to my touch differently and I could therefore express my emotions differently through each of those instruments.

    But enough of this existential philosophy, let’s get back to our UAS dreams.

    I would be very happy to acquire another instrument from the Luthiers I have already commissioned. Having said that I would still love to play a Hive, a Kinnard, a LdFM and a mini 5 string current Beansprout. I’ve already played a Moore Bettah and yes, they are great.
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    I'd buy any uke I could that George Harrison played!
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    Just ordered a tenor sized custom electric uke from Brian Fanner . . . wonder how long ETA. . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nickie View Post
    Well, my dream is coming true! I've commissioned a one of a kind design by Donna LoPrinzi. I can't imagine needing a more special uke than that.
    That’s pretty special, Nickie. I am truly happy for you. Next time I get into that part of the state I want to visit LoPrinzi and see what they would do for a custom Baritone.

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    I'm already happy and content with the ukes I have, but if someone handed me a blank check I'd either go with a custom Martin Tenor or a Mya-Moe Beansprout. I can see myself one day ending up with the Beansprout but I couldn't justify a custom Martin Tenor mainly because I'm so happy with the old Martin 1T I already have. This is fun to think about though!
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    Following!this seems like a very interesting thread

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