The sticky posts on the various forum sections are all great, and wonderfully helpful to newcomers like me. However, I've been noticing that there's really nothing there regarding tools. There's good tool info hidden within specific build threads. But if you don't know what you don't, know you'll never find what you need to learn (if that makes sense).

If someone were, say... just starting out playing the ukulele, but had aspirations to progress through working on their own ukes (set-ups, etc), assembling kits, then eventually building from scratch - it would be helpful to know what tools are needed along the way. There's the bare minimum, the recommended set, and the luxury items for each stage. There would often be hand- and power-versions that would be mostly interchangeable. There might be specialist tools that even experienced builders might not know exist. Then there's the jigs and other tools you can DIY if you have more skill than spare cash.

Does anyone else think this might be helpful? If so, does anyone want to help contribute? I'd be happy to set up a template for data entry, but I wouldn't be much help populating it.