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Thread: eight string tenor specs

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    I think Jake pretty much did for the 8 and 6 string.... probably not a bad thing because they were great to make but an ultimate challenge in so many areas. I cut my 'ukulele teeth' on them an was pretty relieved when they fell out of fashion so to speak. It's the 5 strings that are the killers though!

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    As I said in an earlier post, here in Hawaii 4, 6, and 8 string necks are all the same size. No difference in width in a factory Kamaka neck in the past, and they set the standard. If you start changing the neck width, people have trouble playing them when they switch instruments. It's amazing how much a mm here or there can throw you off. You want the neck, and the feel of the fretted notes, to be the same. Kamaka's have remarkably tight spacing, but it works. I don't have an actual 8-string of theirs here now, but I do have plenty of broken bridges. The outside string spread on their bridge is about 43mm. That said, when I made 8-strings I did widen the outside spread at the bridge to 45mm. Widening the bridge holes is not as noticeable as widening the nut.

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    Good News Then. Thanks Bob! As an amateur, I just want to be sure on the design so it doesn't end up as expensive firewood! Thank you all for the input. I will not be building many 8 strings I'm sure. But it is exciting to try something different. A couple years ago I built the Hana Lima Kasha braced baritone design. It turned out great! one of the best sounding uke's I've made.

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