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Thread: Islander GL-6 w/pickup

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    Default Islander GL-6 w/pickup

    Purchased this several months ago, but I am just not playing it very much. All my time is still focused on trying to learn standard and baritone ukulele and writing tabs and trying to build two ukes. I'm finding I don't have the time to learn a guitarlele on top of it, so this little guy is just not getting any play time.

    Has a decent K&K pickup installed and a heavily padded gig bag. I've got an extra set of D'addario strings for it.

    Photos available here:

    In the interest of full disclosure, there is a tiny little ding on the back of the headstock (featured in one of the photos).

    $200 Paypal F&F shipped in the US, or +3% w/o F&F.

    I can try to make an audio recording of it on request, although I don't have anyway to record other than a Yeti Blue microphone (one of these days I will buy a decent audio interface for my Mac!)

    Might consider a trade or partial trade + cash. Been thinking about a KOA tenor, or maybe a banjo uke...
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