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Thread: Capo use

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    Thanks Patrick. Without your post, Showcase Elliot style capo is out of my choice. It looks very nice to me, and $125 is not too expensive if we practice a song for a while. Now I am practicing a song with a cap and a strap on my guitar in standing posture. My left shoulder is bit tired. :-))

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    You can definitely use a guitar capo on a uke, but I would recommend getting either a partial guitar capo that is shorter or one of those capos that you can tighten the tension manually with thumb screw. Sometimes a standard guitar capo can press on the strings a little to hard and your tuning/intone goes out. Just my experience. Test it out for yourself. A guitar capo should work fine.
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    "It depends" . . . only trick is that most guitar necks are radiused and most bari necks aren't.

    If you have one on-hand it won't hurt to try.

    I use a capo to preserve open voiceings when it's important. Two data points:

    In "Say that You Love Me", Fleetwood is playing capo 2 on Electric for the key of A (G voicings).

    In "Lyin' Eyes" the two acoustics are playing in G with cowboy voicings, and with D-shapes capo'd 5.

    Yep, guitar players even use capos in "Easy" keys...
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