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Thread: Seagull Nylon String Electric Ukulele

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    Default Seagull Nylon String Electric Ukulele

    Hello folks

    Has anyone owned/tried the Seagull Nylon Electric Ukulele? It looks interesting



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    These aren't my videos and I hope it's OK to post the links. So, here are some videos of the seagull nylon vs steel

    And Got a Ukulele review of the steel version

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    I owned one for a while before selling it.
    Nice Uke - great construction and quality. Very good bang for the buck.

    Sorta regrettable sale, but was strapped for cash at the time

    I didn't get around to making any musical videos with it per se, but I do play it a bit here to demonstrate my woes of 'incorrect' strap pin placement on ukes:

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    I hate having strap buttons there too. And it's just as irritating on a guitar as well. I'm guessing the button installer only plays cowboy chords on the first 3 or 4 frets...

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    Wow thanks for the reply. I saw a Ukulele with the strap buttons in that location. I guess if one comes my way with the bottom strap location I will remove it.
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