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Thread: Looking for a solid wood concert uke under 300$

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    Quote Originally Posted by AQUATOPAZ View Post
    It sounds like you are upset that you didn't also get a small windfall for their mistake. If just shipping the correct uke to you wasn't enough, maybe you should just have told them what you wanted to make it up to you. When they mis-ship, it costs them a lot of money. They obviously would prefer not to make those mistakes. But mistakes happen. They seem to want to make things right and assumed getting you the correct uke was making it right.
    In hindsight and in light of hearing about others experience with shipping errors I guess that I am. I don't know that I was looking for a "windfall" like others experienced but a concession of some sort might have made the difference between keeping and returning the uke at the time but I wasn't going to try and grub for one. I guess my disappointment was only heightened because it was a special circumstance and I was communicating with the store manager the whole time. Nobody wants to be on the wrong end of a mistake no matter how infrequent they might be but this time, that guy was me. In the end, it all worked out and I'm happy with the ukes I have.
    Ohana CK-42R - all-solid concert, sinker redwood top, rosewood body, maple binding, Ltd. Edition
    Kala KA-FMCG- solid/lam concert, spruce top, spalted flame maple body, mahogany binding
    Ohana CK-120G - all-solid concert, 5A acacia top sides and back, mahogany binding, Limited Edition
    Ohana SK-30M - all-solid mahogany long neck soprano (concert scale)
    Romero ST - solid/lam concert, spruce top, mahogany body

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    You get what you pay for sorry to say. Buy used and hope somebody has a kind heart to give you a good deal price and ukulele. Good luck
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