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Thread: NUD: Kamaka HF-3

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    Congratulations on the ukulele and a fabulous partner, I enjoyed the story. I have a Kamaka baritone with the snakewood buttons and yes those tuners are as smooth as the Kamaka instruments sound, just great!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bynapkinart View Post
    Hey no worries, I forgot how to post them in the post anyways! They look so much like Koa but I think they might be Snakewood as someone else said. I love the feel of them though, and they look a lot better than the old MOP ones they used to have IMO.
    Thanks! Yup, thatís me assuming the wood as koa there and Iím no expert at all. Look gorgeous as it is.
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    Very nice. Good story, too. Congrats!
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    Quote Originally Posted by AustinHing View Post
    Thanks! Yup, that’s me assuming the wood as koa there and I’m no expert at all. Look gorgeous as it is.
    I agree. Very classy and have a great feel to them.

    Unlike the Kanile'a K1-T, which has the cheapest plastic tuner buttons I've ever used on a uke that cost more than $50.

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    What’s snake Wood? Looks good but the name??
    Nice story and uke.

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