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Thread: Season #376 ~ Ukin’ Together

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    Jon & Joo are really going above & beyond this week, and I added to their to-do list when I sent them my basic recording of this song. In my head I could hear Jon adding some subtle uke and a harmony or two. And that's exactly what came back. To say I'm delighted with what he did would be a bit of an understatement.

    The medieval line drawings come from a book that he & Joo have, and Joo switched them to white on black, so thanks to her too for helping out.

    The song was written by Goebel Reeves in the 1930s, and later recorded by Woody Guthrie amongst others. - 365 songs in 365 days, raising funds for SolarAid

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    Mark (mythinformed) and I meet the Beatles!

    Randy - Harry122

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    Default Leunig's Prayer #10 (Thanks for the invention of the wheelbarrow)

    After listening to Joo and Jon I went looking for more Leunig prayers
    and I set number 10 to music with a Faux diggerdon't for accompaniment.
    The only way you can classify this as a collab is that I took Leunig's
    words and set a tune to them. Many of his prayers are about gardens
    and being a gardener this prayer appealed to me the most.
    If anybody want to do some more overlays then you are quite welcome.

    Dear God,

    We rejoice and give thanks for earthworms,
    bees, ladybirds and broody hens;
    for humans tending their gardens, talking to animals,
    cleaning their homes and singing to themselves;
    for rising of the sap, the fragrance of growth,
    the invention of the wheelbarrow and the existence of the teapot,
    we give thanks. We celebrate and give thanks.

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    Probably should have done this years ago, but Mel and I bashed out this one earlier in the week and sent it off to Jon to work some magic. End result is pretty darn cool I think.
    Waiting Around To Die- Townes Van Zandt

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    Another long-distance collaboration, this time with EmmaX from...??(Forgot to ask)
    For Season 374 I spoke a William-Shatner-Version of Joe Dassin's Oh Champs-Elysées.
    But I learned, that the original is in English: Waterloo Road.
    Emma X was so nice, as to sing it very beautifully...

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    Several times a year our jam does a performance for the folks at my wife's adult day center. (We go there every Christmas, and other times when we can get together during the day.) The participants mainly are elderly or have physical or cognitive disabilities. We always have a great time, and the staff and participants sing along and sometimes dance. We try to stick to familiar numbers as much as possible.

    For jon's benefit -- the harmonica player, George Douglas, is the father of Matt Douglas, who's been with the Mountain Goats over the past few years!

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    Good idea for a Season's theme Kevin. Unfortunately I didn't record anything the past couple of weeks when I was in the desert with people to play with. You'll have to settle for a birthday song instead. Today would have been Pete Seeger's 100th...

    Happy Birthday to you as well Kevin

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    One of Joo's animations that she posted earlier this week. I called it "She Didn't Like Surprises."

    Never mind the words, just hum along and keep on going...

    YouTube UkeintheHeartofTexas

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    mighty synth god del very kindly added his magic to this homemade song of mine - i sing and play tenor guitar, and plink a little on a soprano uke, for luck, and del brings keyboard gold and a lovely vocal harmony...

    "oh baby you make me cry"


    we're moving like a parallelogram

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    Rolf put wonderful music to my words.

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