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Thread: Glass nail files are good

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    I know what I'm getting this weekend!

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    After using a glass file, you can rinse it off under the tap and gently dry it with a towel or kleenex, or just let it air dry. The water will remove all of the little nail bits from the glass surface, restoring the file to it's "as new" condition.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lacole View Post
    I bought a rather cheap glass nail file and wore it clean. Maybe I should try a better quality file. Considering how
    I strum/finger pick, I wonder that the nails on my right grow at all, or that I havenít sawed thru my strings. Lol.
    I had a quality glass file that the local guitar society was selling, it worked well until I accidentally broke it. I also had one like Laurie described that wore smooth in a short time. I would like to think that going into a beauty shop would mean it is more likely that you end up with a quality file.
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