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Thread: 61 key keyboard

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    Do you like Hammond organ? I really like that sound.

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    Your question goes so far from my knowledge. I like all instruments in combination. But remember I am a guitar and lately mostly ukulele strummer to accompany me.

    Garth he played the Lowrey organ, what is the difference of them and Hammond ones goes way beyond my knowledge.

    Keeping to the topic, many organs have 2 61 key keyboards, so making same as keybordists today use for split ones. To have 2 sounds and ranges.
    Regarding keyboards, they should always have touch sensitivity of volume.

    Organs traditionally don't have that, but I bet today they too do that as an option. More traditional way was to use feet to put more volume.

    Decades ago I had Yamaha PS-20 keyboard, the sounds not that good, it had 2 organ sounds, one sort of reed and one more like pipes.
    I lost it long time ago, maybe someone did not like my tries or poured some water. No touch sensitivity, maybe some volume pedal as an option I did not get.

    With this I have now, I like most the piano sounds
    As a string player familiar with a decay of notes.

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