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Thread: Thanks to Tracie for donated ukes for kids group!!!!

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    Default Thanks to Tracie for donated ukes for kids group!!!!

    Lost your PM address Tracie when cleaning out my messages so here is a shout out thanks again for your donation for our kids and teens new uke group!!!
    Pretty awesome we have a pretty good inventory ..some Flights, Lunas, Lanakai, Mitchell, Ohana, another maker pineapple, Kimise,

    We ask kids that did not yet have a uke of their own ( we lend some out) to write a small PP on why they want to learn ukulele..

    last meeting winner was .....Bernadette

    “Strum! Strum! Strum! Playing the ukulele is fun! My name is Bernadette Shiflett and I am interested in the ukulele because I love playing the string family's instruments. I thought it would be a great experience to learn how to play the ukulele. It's amazing! If I receive a ukulele, I will be uncontrollably HAPPY! I don't own a ukulele but if I did, I would play for special events such as their birthdays! Yours truly, “Bernadette.....

    see some picts our our donated ukes so far and some kids...Bernadette is second pic, she won a donated Flight TUS 50
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    Awwww... You're welcome!

    Thx for all you do for the kids.
    How can a gal NOT contribute to helping a child lean into "uncontrollably HAPPY!"

    And thx for filing the sharp fret ends on those, LOL.
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