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Thread: Anyone else have TAS?

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    Default Anyone else have TAS?

    UAS was bad enough, but now I seem to be afflicted with TAS -- Tab Acquisition Syndrome. I've only been playing finger style for about 10 months, but I have already collected more than 7 binders full of music, in either tab format or music notation, or both. Thanks to the generosity of many dedicated ukulele players, there is a wealth of free music/tabs available on the internet. Every time I find yet another source, I can't resist playing and printing up all of the tunes that are more or less within my current skill level. Please, someone tell me that I'm not the only music junkie on the Forum...
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    I have a large folder on my computer of tabs that I'll get around to playing some day.

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    I have a couple filing cabinets and several bookshelves full of music scores. Plus, thousands of pieces on my computer. And it doesn't stop there. Still have over 3000 vinyl LPs. Only three aloha shirts tho'...

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    I seem to be a 'collector' by nature, lots of ukes, harmonicas, flutes, fifes, whistles, so why should music (books) not be included too.
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    A good solution for that is to put all your music on an iPad or a Kindle. I have both 8" and 10" Kindles, and they easily hold thousands of songs, listed alphabetically. I used to wheel a 25-pound suitcase with all my music to weekly meetings. Now it's all on a 10" Kindle.

    As for collecting, I have at least two dozen instructional books for the uke. Imagine how great I would be playing if I actually worked at them. : )
    Too many ukes, but I can't stop buying!

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    Oh yes. My collection is relatively small right now, but I go on regular google hunts to find more. I also look for ABC notation or music notation or staff and tabs and chord diagram. Now that I have a working printer and software to create more, my collection will grow.
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    Jan D -- I think 7 binders after 10 months of playing is about right. You're well on your way. I've still got some of my first music books from the mid-1960s that I sometimes look through and play from, plus countless books gathered over the years. And I haven't stopped acquiring new charts. It's great having all that music to choose from.
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    I think I might also be showing early signs of TAS, I already have a huge collection of tabs & chord charts
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    I too, have TAS. Just yesterday, I told myself I would not download another tab off the net with out first picking 3 new songs and sticking with those 3 songs until I have learned them to some "decent" level which depends on difficulty.... I have so many lovely songs to work on...Ok to jump around a bit, as that is fun, but I need to organize my practices a bit more to feel that I am making better progress.
    Warm up, scales, perfecting my strum styles, Work on a fiddle or classical tune in finger style or campanella, then another I feel is further along, then end with one I know well, then perhaps work on a blues with riffs, and end with some theory that will forward the action tomorrow etc.
    I would truly like to thank all the enablers of TAS for their work of which I am the beneficiary. I do so appreciate you, your skill and your labors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sharpshin View Post
    I too, have TAS. Just yesterday, I told myself I would not download another tab off the net with out first picking 3 new songs and sticking with those 3 songs until I have learned them to some "decent" level
    Hmm, that might be a good strategy. I tend to download way more than I learn to play too. Although I seem to download a lot of tabs that I find out I can't get the hang of or don't like the arrangement. I've slowed down a bit, having learned my lesson in the past with free Kindle books.

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