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Thread: help finding fingerstyle tabs for John Mayer's Stop This Train

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    Default help finding fingerstyle tabs for John Mayer's Stop This Train

    I'm having no luck finding fingerstyle tabs for this song. Any help is appreciated!
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    I play this song myself. Your just going to have to modify any guitar tabs that you can find and either play it on a Baritone uke or just play it like you have a baritone uke transposed up.
    With over 20 chord positions to transpose/remember /play its a doozy to learn. I learnt it bit by bit for months.

    My view is that its quite complicated and its just not going to transpose in the same key from guitar chords to GCEA chords. I find it works just fine on a baritone ukulele and no one is the wiser that I don't have the 2 bass strings.

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    This tab works on our ukulele. If you want to play on same key, you need to tune as DGBE same as Baritone. Basically repeat first 4 measures.

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