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Thread: Crack in top along fretboard to sound hole - a problem?

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    Default Crack in top along fretboard to sound hole - a problem?

    Hi ukers,

    I just purchased a second hand Kamaka Tiki.
    I got it at a rather good price... unless a small crack in it means trouble.

    It has a crack in the top, running along the fretboard and ending at the sound hole. See picture below.

    Is that something I should worry about evolving into something worse?
    I live in Denmark, where humidity or lack thereof shouldnt normally be a problem. I can live with the crack cosmetically, as you have to go rather close to see it. I am only corcerned if it might get worse with play.

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    Well since this Kamaka is worth it, I would take it to a technician and ask about having it fixed. It shouldn't be a big job, as it is very accessible, and not badly separated yet. If you leave it till later it may make it much harder to align the two pieces. Worst case would be to add a cleat on the underside, but that probably won't be necessary.
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    If the crack runs down the side of the fret board, I would check the integrity of the glue joint between the soundboard and the upper bout brace (if it has one). I would expect that this brace should have arrested the progress of the crack in either direction. If all is good a competent repairer will be able to repair the crack invisibly, with possibly the addition of a thin cleat just out of sight from the sound hole.

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