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Thread: Photo set - Ditson Style Concert Ukulele

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    Default Photo set - Ditson Style Concert Ukulele

    Ditson style concert ukulele in Phu Coq Island Acacia, Khaya mahogany neck, Mgurure fingerboard, bridge and rosette insert ring, faux tortoise shell binding and corina nut and saddle. Finish: I used a medium viscosity super glue as an initial 'binder' for the body. This highly figured wood always has micro-fissures and using a superglue 'binding' coat provides a cellular skeleton that holds the wood together. On top of this is an epoxy fill coat using silicone 'beads' as a thickener. On top of this is can sprayed Wurth matte cellulose lacquer

    IMG_0005 2.jpg
    My workshop assistant announcing the MUMF 2019 Festival Ukulele

    This 'sap join' was perfectly sound and with a bit of jiggling I managed to get it centred. The sap, which is to the outside of the tree is often 'punky' and soft. If you use this it will begin to show over time and no amount of superglue will consolidate it.

    The rosette is a turned 'drop in' ring. These were used by Lyon and Healey in the 1920'3 and 1930's on their ukulele, usually made from ivory and invariably missing if you are looking at a vintage one to buy....
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