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Thread: Collector or Player?

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    I get that for different people, "collector" may have different meanings and accumulator may be a better noun. For me, it's been great reading everyone's interpretations and replies. It helps me understand why even though I have some fantastic ukes, I still enjoy "hunting" for and then buying more. I wasn't always like this. When I first started, I had a low G tenor and a high G concert. I lived that way for quite a while. My most expensive ukes I bought because they were hundreds of dollars off retail and I just couldn't pass up the unique opportunity reasoning that I may never see that model uke for that price again. (And that has been true). Those expensive ukes sound fantastic even with my mediocre playing. I'm not so good at getting rid of ukes because I've typically developed some type of memory or sentimental attachment. The result is my now having a "collection."

    But I think the point about a gigging musician is spot on and important. I know a professional violinist and she plays a multi-million dollar violin that is "loaned" to her. I don't think she has a dozen other violins. Moreover, I'm reminded of the point that watching those videos from Corey, Kalei and others on the Ukulele site, when they demo some ukes, they could make almost anything sound amazing.

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    I'm new and can barely fret a chord, so I have to stuff myself into the collector side for now because I bought more ukulele than I "need", but I want to play. I'll certainly buy more of them faster than I learn to play. I love beautifully crafted wood, as well as a finely crafted tune.
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    I am collector and player.

    Most of the classical or jazz fan are CD collectors or HiFi nerds rather than players. I rather better than only collector.

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    Player here, but I also sometimes collect so long when I feel inspired by an instrument. I have 3 ukes, and each one is a tool and companion. I own two K brands for amplified gigs and teaching and one custom in linear tuning for venues with lower noise floors. The reentrant K brand currently sees the most use, and I’m on the hunt for the right custom to tune reentrant. Additionally, I sometimes tune one of the ukes in a less established tuning depending on my current repertoire.

    I try to keep the stable as open as my musical pursuits allow, but as a multi-instrumentalist, I have a veritable petting zoo of instruments.
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    I definitely accumulate more ukes than my skill level warrants. Also I have gone through various ukes as my style of playing changes and experience grows. I always sell or gift ukes that I no longer actively play because I will not just house an instrument if it is not getting musical attention.
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