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Thread: what do you sit on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arcy View Post
    I have a Quik Lok DX749 Deluxe Seat ( ) for any extended playing.

    I've set up the Quik Lok so it supports well and encourages sitting straight. In my other music room I mostly play standing up.

    I can get away with the sofa or sitting on the bed or whatever for a while with a ukulele, but large & heavier instruments (guitar & bass) hurt pretty quickly if I'm not careful about posture.

    At longer workshops I'll switch between sitting and standing rather than trying to sit in a poor chair for hours on end.
    I was unaware these existed. I’m intrigued. Thanks. I find my bad posture is magnified while playing. Need all the help I can get to promote proper form. My gym time has suffered since finding the Uke... So my core is weaker and it’s harder to play longer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rainbow21 View Post
    I decided that sitting on a kitchen chair or a computer seat for an hour or two while playing uke is not the best situation. Heading out to a store to check "guitar seats or thrones".

    Do you have a specific seat/stool/throne that you bought to play or do you make do with whatever is handy ?
    Pardon me, but I think the problem stemmed from sitting too long while maintaining the same posture. This is true for any sitting down activity, i.e. gaming for long hours. A simple stretching every now and then should solve this. You would save more uke money if not getting a specific chair. Jmho
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    I have a cranky hip, so playing uke while sitting in a low chair is problematic for me. So is standing still for a long time. My solution is perching on a 24" stool that has a padded, concave seat.
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    Well if I were to go to an outdoor gig, I take a folding lawn chain without arms.

    But if you want to get fancy at home, the ultimate would be the Pick N Glider (@ $350!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill1 View Post
    Ikea Gunde, $7.99 in the local Ikea shop here. Relatively portable and strong and keeps your back straight. Ikea also has a page of cushions which start at $7.99 and go up to $27.
    That's an interesting value, Bill:

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    I’m using my tuba chair now days. It’s simply a dining room chair with an elongated seat. It’s a “tuba chair” because it sticks out enough in front so I can sit my tuba on it between my legs. It works pretty good.

    I also have a 3 foot stool that I shortened to around 2 feet, but my ol’ back can’t take sittin’ on it very long any more. I use it to play on my keyboard too, once in a while.

    Before I suddenly grew old, I usta play my instruments standing and/or walkin’ around. I really prefer to do that, but when I try, my legs start complainin’. Walkin’ around helps, but not enough.

    I really like that “Pick N Glider”, but I’m lookin’ for a rocking chair without arms now.
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    For performance and practice, I usually stand up to play ukulele and guilele. I can also play well sitting crossed legged on the floor but have to take a break 30 minutes or so. Standing, I can go much longer.

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    I sit in any straight back chair where I can comfortably put one foot on the floor and the other on the foot rest. Standing is out. I can only stand for about three minutes before I start getting leg cramps. I use a cushion since hardwood chairs can really feel hard after about an hour. It is also good to get up about every hour, or even half hour and walk and stretch.

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    Some of us have these stools. I used one for playing outside for six hours last summer, and it was fine. They fold for easy carrying, and they're not heavy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerryc41 View Post
    Some of us have these stools. I used one for playing outside for six hours last summer, and it was fine. They fold for easy carrying, and they're not heavy.
    I have this exact stool at church. When I joined the band, they had a few wooden stools, but they were a little too tall for me. I have bad knees, and having my feet flat on the floor when sitting is important. I sit on it during our rehearsal before church service, and in between songs during the service. When we play, I'm standing. I'm not sure how I'd like it for long term seating during a uke jam or performance. Plus I'd be sitting up a little higher than the others in my group which might be a problem???

    I have an old metal folding chair that I usually bring for performances, but it's heavy & not easy to carry.
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