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Thread: NGD Aria A-20-53

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    Talking NGD Aria A-20-53

    Hi, it's zztush. I proudly present you Johnny's NGD. He has a bit of trouble uploading photos in this server and he still has a trouble with holding this guitar properly due to his big tummy. I am coming here to show his Aria A-20-53. He bought it 15th May. Please read carefully his previous post below and send him big greeting of new guitar.

    Quote Originally Posted by johnnysmash View Post
    I went again today to the local mall in Korat. Must have been just at the right time. The display of guitars in this mall seems to change often. Today I found a small guitar that I like and it fit my hand perfect. I played it a lot in the store and again since I got home. No pain or soreness in my hand because it is so easy to fret all of the major chords including barre chords. However the barre chords where not really clean but considering that I have never been able to play them before since my hand problems I am happy. I can see in time I will be able to play all of the chords and live without pain. The guitar I purchased today is an ARIA A-20-53. Scale is only 530mm or 21inches. Has 19 frets, 12 to the body. Not expensive. 5,200 Baht, approximately $165. A big Thank You to all of you for your suggestions. johnnysmash

    I (zztush) have seen very similar Aria alt guitar (AC-50A) in Kyoto yesterday. It is very good size on the lap. It sits on the right lap like acoustic guitar (see the photo below), although classical guitar sits on left. It is very good size and not as big as furniture like full scale guitars.

    This guitar is called 1/2 size in classical world.

    There are three ways of tuning and there are three names respectively on each tuning. I (zztush) actually tried alt tuning yesterday in Kyoto. It was very nice tone and tension. Would you believe in a love at first sight? Yes, I'm...

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    Looks nice! I love small guitars!
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    It’s so kind of you to help out ZZ, well done to you! And congratulations to Johnny!
    Happy just to be a Newbie +, Penny

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