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Thread: The Rebel

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    The Rebel company builds the Opio line of instruments to the KoAloha design and specifications. And acording to KoAloha's methods and procedures. KoAloha taught them how to build Opio ukuleles. Rebel used to list several other top line companies that they used to also make instruments for. That's all been removed, including any references to KoAloha or Opio.

    Ukuleles made under the The Rebel brand are of their own design and build. There is probably some cross over, but not much.

    Choirguy, I know you meant this tongue-in-cheek, but, just in case... Besides, I wondered if anyone remembers what other brands The Rebel people made ukuleles for. I remember being surprised when I first saw them a year or so ago.
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    Looks like I've found one.....I'll put up a NUD when the dust settles

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