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Thread: What Ukulele for a big guy?

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    My husband is big, about 6’6’’ with some age related stiff fingers. He played a baritone tuned to standard uke tuning. He recently found a Grand Tenor by Romero Creations to be more comfortable. Me, I’m small and play anything. Sooo we own an assortment.

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    As my name suggests, I’m a ‘big’ guy, with fingers more like sausages, but I enjoy playing my soprano and tenor ukes. However, the concert size is my favourite, it gives just that little bit more space between frets and strings but is not too big to stretch for chords.
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    I think it depends on your tone preference, I'm 6'2, big hands, I can play all three sizes comfortably after a few months of practices. I now only play Tenor and occasionally baritone simply because the tone appeals to me. I wouldn't say Soprano has a toy like sound, I call it the "Hawaiian sound". Soprano has a "characteristic" tone, as the size of the ukulele grows, the tone becomes more and more "neutral", which is suitable for more styles of music.
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    I agree about going for the sound you like. I think all of the sizes have a different sound to each other. A lot of big guys with big hands play soprano because they like the tone. You can get sopranos with wider fingerboards as well to give you more space. I seem to like tenors and baritones mainly. I have experimented with 2 different concerts, but I ended up selling them. I will probably try another concert again sometime and I will probably end up selling it It seems you will have the 3 different sizes in your family to experiment with which is great.

    I was lucky to have bought my first ukulele from the southern ukulele store in the UK. They want people to stick with it and enjoy playing the Uke. They had great advice and all instruments are sent out to be easy to play, even the lowest price point Ukuleles. If you can buy from a store such as this, it would be of great benefit.

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    This Choirguy's video may help you. He is exactly a big guy.

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