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Thread: What's your absolute "Deal-Breaker"?

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    Gotta say friction tuners are a bridge burner for me too. Hate them with a passion. A distant second are graphical inlays on the soundboard like turtles, palm tree and the Hawaiian islands. Finally, not too pleased with pin bridges either albeit I'm willing to grin 'n bear if the instrument is great otherwise. Greatly prefer a simple tie block bridge.

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    Foam Hard Case or Gig Bag...……………….absolutely hate them!

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    Neck feel, has to be comfortable.

    Narrow Nut width.


    QA, that passes a bent and twisted neck means a certain manufacturer will never get any business from me.

    Cheap tuning pegs.

    Cheap unfinished looking Bridge.

    Sharp fret edges.

    Bad intonation.

    Action to high/low.

    Fret buzz.
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    I don't go for slotted headstocks. I know lot's of folks love them, but they just aren't my jam. (I won't say never, but I avoid them.)
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    Mine would also be built in plastic looking electronics. I have some pickups installed (misi) and I'm not talking about those but rather the onboard inbuilt ones. Also over the top bling and decoration. I like striking ukuleles but ones where it is the wood and the sound that make you go "wow".
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    visible electronics, slotted headstock, etched designs on bodies, "hawaii theme" inlays or designs on bodies
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    I forgot to add having a sound I don't like. I have to like how it sounds.

    And inlay work with nude people or semi-nude. It has to be a ukulele I can show my grandson.

    I edited my post to add if I'm going directly to the builder and they don't respond to calls/emails then how can I even make a purchase or discuss a custom build?
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    Cheap unbranded tuners.
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    No particular attribute that would be a deal breaker. Because if I don't like it there isn't going to be a deal to break. But if I do like a particular ukulele, not being able to communicate with someone. It takes me forever to buy something, and the more expensive the longer it takes. I don't need to get on the phone and talk directly to someone, but I need someone to at least answer emails or message me when I have questions. Sweetwater, Elderly, Mim, Mainland, those are places I have bought from and every one of them there is a person who I can communicate with. If I'm looking on a site and I go to the page to contact them and I just get an FAQ page and no way to actually get a response, I'm gone and I'm never going back. There's never anything I want that I can't go somewhere else to get it. That's a deal breaker for me. The second thing is waiting. Probably the reason I will never get a custom ukulele. As I said above, it take me a long time to pull the trigger, but when I do, I want it now. I don't want to wait. I hate waiting.

    Edit: After reading the posts before and after me, I guess that I didn't realize that "deal breakers" meant what you don't like. I don't like ukuleles that look like mandolins.
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    Intonation. Oh, you said it already sounds great.
    Then there is no deal breaker.
    Pretty? Ugly? I am OK.
    Tuner style? I have been replacing with Gotoh.
    So far, I have stayed away from electronics, but I am not against one.
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