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Thread: NUD(very late): Fred Shields Soprano

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    Quote Originally Posted by Astein2006 View Post
    Nice! Congrats! What are the specs on yours?
    Solid Honduran Mahogany body, African Mahogany neck, Rosewood fretboard/bridge, 36mm nut, 0.650" neck thickness at the 1st fret, & all black UPT Tuners.

    He also made a new mold that is more in the shape of a Martin.

    Oh, and he used Black TUSQ for the nut/saddle instead of his usual black acrylic.

    Here are pictures of the new mold versus the old mold. He used his Martin style-0 to show the difference between the two. I like both, but since he made a new mold I went with that one.


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