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Thread: Favorite Soundboard / Tonewoods

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    Mahogany all around. I like it even better than koa.
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    Softwood top: cedar/redwood/spruce
    Extremely dense back and sides: ebony/rosewood/walnut

    gives a beautiful singing voice with lots of resonance, sustain, and a rich blanket of ringing overtones

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    I want loud. Something that will cut through the background noise and stand out in a group. Cedar and spruce work for me. I have not had any experience with anything else except mahogany so I can't really speak on the subject with a lot of authority. I like the sound of mahogany maybe better, but it just doesn't project itself. I play the mahogany to relax sometimes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by keenonuke View Post
    Earlier on this thread DownupDave mentioned how some chose based on looks, others on sound. I'm of the later group and chose based on sound. Looks would be a bonus for the top board. Although the back and sides looks enters the picture.

    I used to feel that Spruce and Maple were too bright. I had preferred the deeper, mellow sounds. I didn't fully appreciate sound demos playing up the neck. I only wanted to hear the deepest tones possible from a uke. Thankfully my tastes have grown. And I really appreciate when an instrument can play up the neck and continue to demonstrate sustain, intonation, etc..
    Lucky for me I don't have to choose: I don't care for the look or the sound of spruce on a ukulele, but I play soprano - I might feel different if I played tenor. Oddly, on a guitar I prefer the look and sound of spruce and don't care for the look of a darker wood for the soundboard.

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    I'm partial to mango. With spalted mango especially, it's hit or miss visually. I don't think there's a tonal difference between spalted and regular mango.


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