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Thread: "Cort" soprano - I like it!

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    Default "Cort" soprano - I like it!

    UAS has struck again. I thought I was immune, and I really don't need another soprano -- but you know how it is. The main attraction that led to my pressing the button on yet another uke, was that it is made from "Blackwood" acacia, and it looks like a no-nonsense, traditional design. Inevitably, that means Martin style.

    It cost me 199 from SUS in southern England, whose service was, as always, impeccable.

    There isn't much I want to say, just that I like it very much. It is cleanly and accurately built, the finish is thinly applied, giving a satiny, open pored effect which suggests what it is - solid wood. The neck shape is very slightly on the "sturdy" side, which suits my preference. The overall appearance is similar to a Martin style 1, but with seventeen frets.

    My only reservation is that the tuners are cheapo units, but that's no big deal. They work well, so I am in no hurry to replace them.

    It came to me perfectly set up. I might give the nut slots a gently filing, but it really isn't necessary. I just like to feel as though I have personalised my ukes.

    It has plenty of volume, bags of sustain, and good balance across the strings. There are no "soft" or dull notes. Overall, it is a very sweet sounding, responsive instrument and has an indefinable sense of character, or personality.

    I can thoroughly recommend the Cort. IMHO it represents excellent value for money. Mine will get plenty of use, I'm sure.Cort, Blackwood (Acacia) soprano.jpg
    John Colter.
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    it looks very lovely, John.
    appreciate the review and the heads up -
    i'd not heard of these before.
    yes, the first thing I did was click on the image and everything about it
    reminds me too of the traditional Martin ukuleles.
    at this price point, and given it's voice and build aesthetic is as you've described
    it seems like a wonderful buy.
    thanks mate.

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    Those Cort ukes are stunning!

    The resemblance to Martins is so big that some people have pointed out to me that apparently they come with the same make of gigbag.

    I have the concert myself.
    Very varm and resonant sound, but a little low on volume and punch. I prefer to play mine more for picking and slower strumming styles for that reason.
    But perhaps the soprano has that extra bark.
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    Congrats, it sure looks a lot like a Martin, and for a lot less money.
    What kind of pegs would you put in it?
    That is the 1st Cort ukulele I've ever seen. There are some wonderful copies of Martin ukuleles out now. I think Martin must be blushing a little, it's quite a compliment to be copied so much.
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    I saw one of these on Reverb, and it looked pretty interesting.
    If it didn't have the extended fretboard I probably would have gotten one to try out.
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