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Thread: Request for generalized "school solution"

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    Default Request for generalized "school solution"

    I searched here & could not find specific answers.

    In MM what is the general/average "school solution" for setting height of 4th/low string above 12th fret for:

    A hard strummer?

    A "normal" strummer?

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    Is this the thread you need?

    I generally shoot for about 3 on standard ukes. In general though the more important adjustment is the nut. As the old times banjo players used to say "There ain't no money past the fifth fret. " unless you get higher than 3, you probably don't even notice the difference between 3 and 5 mm at the 12th.

    Then again if you think you are Jake then who am I to argue. 2mm at the 12th is the maximum.
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