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Thread: UAS confusion and the benefit of a "cooling off" period.

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    This is how I discovered the song on Boardwalk Empire. The singer really lays it on pretty thick but I guess I get what she's going for.

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    Enjoyed the song.

    I'm the opposite, I think. After I get what I want, I don't want to part with it, even if my number of ukuleles is growing.
    When some haven't suited me, (now I know that tenors don't work for me, for example), I've been able to sell those easily enough.

    But, the remaining ukuleles are all great, work for me, and I don't want to part with them. I've been trying to talk myself into selling one, but no luck so far.
    I'm thinking that 4 might be the optimal number, but have edged over that. But, as long as I play them all regularly and enjoy them all, why not, right? :-)

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    I love that song, never had heard it before.
    I imagine she was singing about a guy. The look on the lady's face who was sitting on the bed is poignant.

    I've had a few jobs I thought I'd want, but after I got them, I found that I didn't want them at all.

    I think the fact that the lusting after can be just as much fun may come from the human race's early days, when (he) thought the hunt was just as satisfying as the food.

    My anticipation during the wait for my last 2 ukuleles was really nice, but I have to admit, the having is more fun than the wanting.

    I'm taking a UAS break and now I have SongAS again. Maybe this song will be the next one our trio learns.
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