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Thread: Anyone use a Godin Multiuke

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    Multiuke can take low G. I don't like low-G on an ukulele, if I want linear tuning, which is what happens with low-G, I'll play a guitar again. To me, what makes the uke unique is the re-entrant tuning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DownUpDave View Post
    I owned one for about one year. Absolutely fabulous instruments, great neck with a slightly radiused fret board. Ease of playability was first rate, excellent set up right out of the box. If you play plugged in a lot this is the best amplified tone straight in. If you look at my list of instruments all tenors have either LR Baggs 5.0 OR Misi pickups. Even the most expensive custom with the best pick didn't sound quite as good plugged straight in as the Godin Multiuke. I sold it to a member here and he loves it, he happens to own a Moore Bettah. I play mostly acoustic so that is why I sold it, I have my others with pick ups for stage performances.
    I bought the above-mentioned Multiuke. Itís great when plugged in and is very happily strung low-G.

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    I've played them before at a few gigs. Great neck, excellent fit and finish, easy to amplify well. They're probably the simplest solution for robust live sound.
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    Yeah I do, and as referenced earlier in the thread - perfromed countless gigs with it for a couple of years. They are a soundmans dream - so easy to run into a desk. Also, contrary to the comments, I had mine permanently low G with no issue - you just need a narrow low G string as the saddle intonation cannot be adjusted.

    What I don't like about them is that the prices seem to have gone up stupidly. Economics I guess, but i don't think I would buy one again at the current asking price.

    Here was my take - apologies - really old review and crappy video.
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    I picked up a special edition trans blue a few years ago. It's been my most played uke for quite some time. I love everything about it. I've often though about picking up another standard model (because that's what we do, just keep buying more ukes!) but as Baz mentioned the pricing seems to have gone through the roof on these.

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    I bought one off of reverb for a decent price a year or so ago, and it has become my go-to uke for playing plugged in (which is how I mostly play). My only real complaint is that it is fairly heavy for a uke.

    I would love it if they came out with 8-string and baritone versions!

    It came strung high-g and I have yet to change the strings on it. Sometimes I play it right into the board, and sometimes I go through a Boss VE-8. I've gotten a ton of comments about how good it sounds.

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    Absolutely love my Multiuke! One of the most comfortable necks I've ever felt. Mine is currently tuned to a high G, but think I may switch that up at some point. I have the Koa front. As stated above, if I hadn't bought it when the price was lower, I'm not sure I would have it, but if you're interested in a solid/chambered body uke with nylon strings, I haven't seen anything better.
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