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Thread: Ukuleles with 14-inch scale?

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    You got it keenonuke. Its all about the math. Short scale...short distance between the frets. Long scale...long space between the frets. Think of a bass guitar with 2 inches spacing at the first fret, and a sopranino with 5/8" at the first fret. Scale divided by 17.817 = first fret spacing....etc

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    Quote Originally Posted by 13down View Post
    Does anybody know of any ukuleles (either soprano or concert) with a 14-inch scale other than the Harmony Vita-uke?

    It's a scale length that I kind of like but the old Harmony Vita-uke is the only model I know of with that scale. I've been presuming there are/were more out there and I'm wondering if anyone can help me out!
    Hi, I am Peter Morande of Morande Instruments.
    I could build you a beautiful looking / sounding / playing 14" scale length ukulele with your choice of a Soprano or Concert sized body, if interested you are welcome to reach out to me via UU or via email(listed below).

    Quote Originally Posted by natchez View Post
    Kepasa makes a 14" scale soprano, the Josephine model. Lovely instrument.
    I have to agree, Kevin makes a beautiful playing an sounding 14" scale soprano ukulele.
    I'd always recommend his ukes, great builder and friend of mine.

    Quote Originally Posted by 13down View Post
    Thanks to everybody who replied here! I have a follow up related question that I was thinking of starting a new thread about but I think I might as well just put it here.

    I was wondering if my thinking is correct that a longer scale necessarily has wider fret spacing than a shorter one. Does a longer scale necessarily guarantee that or no?
    Yes, the longer the scale length the more spacing you'll have in between the frets.

    Think of how a soprano plays and feels vs. a concert vs. a tenor.
    -Peter Morande
    -Guitars, Ukuleles, Mandolins -
    Hand-Crafted in Northfield, Vermont

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