UPDATE: Thanks everyone!

Will the luthier (at High Strung Violins and Guitars in Durham) is confident he can make this guy a fine little player.

I weighed it on arrival. It's 10.3 ounces ... which means it's severely dehydrated. Helps explain the cracks and the rough fretboard. The neck is a little loose, so it'll need some glue as well. A couple of the strings were gut. No idea how long they'd been on it. The tuners may be fine, as he has a Gibson from the same era (see below) which has its original friction pegs and they're fine.

Will's taking a vacation for a couple of weeks, during which I'll continue rehydrating it in my case. By then it may be healthy enough for a bit of glue and TLC.

He has a 1925 Gibson soprano for sale that's absolutely stunning. $500. Mostly original. I'll post a photo when I take the Mauna Loa over for him to do his magic. If it's still there. If you're interested, I'm sure they'd love to hear from you: http://www.highstrungdurham.com

I'll post again when it's ready to head to Durham!