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    I've been watching a documentary series on Netflix. It's called Documentary Now, and it's about a phony TV series that is celebrating fifty years of shows. This is a very funny series, with Fred Armisen.

    I suggest you take a look at the last two shows in Season 1. They're about a fictitious band, The Blue Jean Committee, from 1974. It features appearances by actual rock stars from that time.
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    Sounds great! I'll toss it on the play list!

    Given that Armisen's a pretty decent musician did they turn Blue Jean Committee into a real fake band (like Spinal Tap and the Folksmen)?

    Internet says yes and their album "Catalina Breeze" is on Spotify.

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    Don't forget the Ruttles. A fake, tribute-ish band.

    I'll check the show out.
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