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    Not a uke review but a store review. Stopped in at Vintage Instruments in Philadelphia last weekend when I was in the city. I had browsed their inventory online and purchased a 30's Martin Style 0 by mail from them but this was my first visit. The store is housed in a beautiful old brownstone on Broad Street. The owner is apparently a regular appraiser on Antiques Roadshow, and they have everything from Collings guitars to vintage cellos. I was a little overwhelmed walking in to this place at first, but the woman behind the desk kindly directed my downstairs to the uke section. I told Gabriel that I was interested in playing some vintage Martin sopranos they had online, and he pulled out 7 of them for me to try, ranging from a 1919 style 0 to a 30's style 2 to a 20's style 3. I also played a Kamaka pineapple from the 60's, 3 brand new Kamakas and a Kiwaya soprano.

    They don't do a free setup at Vintage Instruments, so you have to know what you are looking for, although they do have luthiers available. It was a wonderful place to pass an hour or two, and I am still thinking about a couple of instruments I played there. Highly recommended!

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    I bought a used Kiwaya KTS-4K (koa) here in the forum. I searched the internet for others like it but could only find discussions of the very example that I owned. So I reached out to Takumi and asked about it. Turns out that it was one of only three made, all of which were shipped to Vintage Instruments in Philadelphia in 2010.
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    I have dealt with them online and they have been extremely knowledgeable, helpful and honest. Sounds like a great shop.

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    I have visited their place a few times. Originally I went to try out a Kamaka soprano. I returned, tried several Martin vintage sopranos and ultimately purchased my Takumi concert ukulele. They are great folks who don't rush you to decide. And the Brownstone is magnificent. Each room/floor is dedicated to a different instrument. I greatly enjoyed my trips to the place and would recommend them.
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    I went there some years ago, when I was playing fiddle, on my first and only visit to Philadelphia. They let me sample their beautiful, expensive, bows--which make ukulele collecting seem simple and inexpensive. I have wondered sometimes if I just dreamed the place, it's so wonderful, as is the surrounding neighborhood.

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