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Thread: Tenor Ukulele Enya EUT-MAD

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    And for the record, the company's names leave something to be desired. Kaka, which was around first and had more a sense of "bargain basement," like Kmise, just has a bad connotation in terms of translation (i.e. Spanish, which does influence the use of English in the USA). Kaka?

    Enya makes all of think about a New Age artist. Sail away, sail away, sail away...

    Whoever is picking the names for the company ought to go on a trip to Hawaii and find some Hawaiian terms to name the company for instead.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ubulele View Post
    Then they might end up naming it Ho.
    Good one.

    I think Enyas are great for the price, and have never had a problem with one.

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    Interesting that Amazon US is showing 8 versions of this model, and only one has free shipping.

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