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Thread: Ukulele fell and broken down. Is it reparable?

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    If you are serious about returning this uke to good, playable condition, I would not advise attempting to repair it yourself - unless you have good woodworking skills and some relevant experience.

    You will need to access the inside of the sound board (through the sound hole, obvs.) in order to fit several cleats, and to use suitable clamps. It is not just a matter of squeezing some glue into the cracks.

    I have repaired many ukes, and would be happy to tackle the job myself, confident of a good outcome, but that's no help. There is the small matter of the Atlantic Ocean to consider.

    John Colter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffelele View Post
    - get yourself some Titebond (I think thatís the name) glue and try fixing it yourself. The glue can be removed if you need a second shot at it. Youíll need to figure a way to hold it in place while glue dries.
    Titebond can't be removed from cracks like this one, so it's a one shot process. And if you get it wrong you've made it far more difficult and expensive for someone with experience to fix it!

    I suggest you proceed like this:

    1. Get a quote from a luthier (just for the crack, not the finish repair which you'd have to live with). I guess this will be too high to be worthwhile, but you might be lucky.

    2. If a professional luthier can't fix it for your budget, do you know an amateur (like ukantor or myself) who might do it for beer?

    3. If neither of these, do a *lot* of reading in the luthier's lounge here, and on You might feel confident that you can have a try yourself, because at this stage you have nothing to lose except the uke's resale value. Or try to sell it to someone who thinks they can repair it, as already suggested.

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