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Thread: If You Own More than One

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    When I am doing what I consider a true practice session, about 80% of the time I stick with one ukulele. I try not to do serious practice more than 30 mintues so I don't burn out. Then after "practice" is done I will often play around on several ukules just trying stuff out or having fun with some of the simple song I have mastered. Every now and then I deliberately pull out every ukulele and play them all back to back to remind myself of how different each one can sound and how different they can feel to play, and to see if my tastes have changed enough that I should sell one.

    When I do pull out more than one ukulele for a practice session, in tends to be when I am trying to learn a song arranged in low-g, to see if one uke suits the song better than another. Same for playing baritone.

    I keep a couple of my lower end ukes out of the cases when its not a dry winter, a couple in my office, a couple in my living room, and usually one in my bedroom. Whenever the mood hits, their is usually an uke on hand. I really want to get one that is safe from extremes of weather so I can leave it in my hangar.... maybe one day I will get a Klos carbon fiber uke, or maybe a Black Bird. I've tried some of the platic travel ukes and didn't care for them at all.
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    Since all of mine are reentrant tenor cutaway, I only practice with one. I rotate through my eight good ones for each play session. For just noodling while I watch a Dodger game, I use my beater Fluke.

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    Usually just one, sometimes two. Once in a while I'll cycle through all of them playing a few songs each. Easy to do when you don't have that many.
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    I guess that when I play the my Bas'nBeri, it is practicing with 2 at the same time. Take a looknew Bari Angle.JPGnew Bass Angle.JPG

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    Usually two, and those would be two different ones such as a baritone and a soprano, or tenor and sopranino. Sometimes one just doesn't sound right for the songs I am playing, so I switch around. The song and how the uke is set up also can make me change out the ukulele. I tend to play my more fragile vintage ukes in the house, and the workhorses (OXK, Outdoor Uke) outside.
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    When I am trying to decide what ukulele sounds best for a given song, I might go through most of my ukuleles.

    Otherwise I ususally just pick up one uke and play it.
    Unless I need low G for one song and it doesnt suit another, but I play 90% high G.
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    I don't practice as such - but I'll occasionally pick up a uke & have a play through some tunes, or else I'm looking for a certain kind of sound to go with a little ditty I may be writing for the Seasons challenge - usually it will be one of three tenor scale ukes, my acacia long neck concert, my mahogany long neck concert or my mahogany giraffe neck soprano.

    Other times, I think I might want a concert scale uke, or long neck soprano to get the sound I'm looking for.

    Mainly low G, sometimes re entrant, & occasionally low D bari, rarely re entrant dGBE.

    I just think it's good to have the choice available to try.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 70sSanO View Post
    “I mean how silly is that. And we're talking about practice. I know I'm supposed to be there. I know I'm supposed to lead by example. I know that and I'm not shoving it aside, you know, like it don't mean anything. I know it's important. I do, I honestly do. But we're talking about practice, man. What are we talking about? Practice? We're talking about practice, man?”

    ...I couldn’t resist. Like AI, I don’t have practice sessions. When I work on a song, I just start working on it off and on. Sometimes I’ll use more than one uke, but nothing is planned out.

    Love the AI reference and most of my playing sounds similar to you as well.
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    I typically play at least four different ukes in the course of a day..often more. Yesterday, for example, I played eight different ukes..though calling any of this “practice” is a stretch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joyful Uke View Post
    If you own more than one ukulele, how many do you usually play per practice session?

    It's rare that I just play one. After all, there are both reentrant and linear tunings to play.

    But, I also often find myself wanting to play everything that I have, and if I have the time, that's a common thing to do.
    I keep playing different ukes - sizes, tunings, and shapes. I like the variety of feel and sound. I'm very careful with the "good" ones, though. I keep a walnut Flea next to me to pick up and play around with, but the others are always in their cases, either next to me or upstairs.
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