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Thread: Pono AT or Kala SMHT SC

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    Default Pono AT or Kala SMHT SC

    Hey guys!

    I recently discovered two great deals on the internet. I can get the Kala mahogany scallop tenor for around 180 euro's and the pono acacia tenor for 200 euro's. Does anyone here have experience with these ukes? I'm stuck between them. Would like to hear about your recommandations!

    Kind regards,

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    I own Pono AT and love it. I played the mahogany scallop. I prefer the AT. Kala was nice but..... I lean more to the spruce scallop. Also, depends on neck. Pono is thicker. I like it. Kala was shallow. Pono is Matt finish and I lied it better for sound than gloss. In the end the Pono sounded better and felt better playing. YMMV.
    Good luck with choice!

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    Kala are usually a safe bet, I'm not that keen on Pono, so I'd most likely go with the Kala, if it were me.
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    Ponos sing sweetly. Buy a Pono for $X & in 10 years it will be worth $X or (probably) more. Not so likely for Kala.

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    Thanks for the advicd guys! I ended up getting both... UAS is kicking in!

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    Good choice! Congratulations on your new ukes. Post some photos if you have a chance.
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    Thanks for the advicd guys! I ended up getting both... UAS is kicking in!
    Their strings are really different. So it will be a different experience when you play each. I have both Kala Ukuleles and a Pono Uke.
    Enjoy and Congrats
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