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Thread: is there a preferred shipping method for ukuleles?

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    Default is there a preferred shipping method for ukuleles?

    Have to choose a shipping option from the East Coast to California. Thinking that two day is logical choice to balance costs and not leaving it in shipper's hands for too long in heat or cold. Uke is a soprano solid wood in a gig bag.

    What company do you use as first choice? What about insuring it? Other thoughts?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rainbow21 View Post
    Have to choose a shipping option from the East Coast to California. Thinking that two day is logical choice to balance costs and not leaving it in shipper's hands for too long in heat or cold. Uke is a soprano solid wood in a gig bag.

    What do you use as first choice? What about insuring it? Other thoughts?
    Absolutely insure it for its value. If something happens and you did not insure it, you are out of luck. Insurance doesn't cost much but it is worth every penny.

    I have had a couple of flutes damaged in transit to their new owners and, because I had gotten insurance, all was covered.
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    I prefer USPS with tracking.
    I have received and shipped domestically and internationally.
    I have had damage using UPS and FedEx.
    My opinion only.

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    I like Fedex. The nice thing is that it can be picked up at a Fedex/Kinkos store if the buyer(?) can’t be there when it is delivered. I’ve done that in the past when I didn’t want something sitting on the porch. You can also request a signature if you feel that is needed.

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    I've had deliveries with USPS, UPS, FedEx and DHL. I did ship via FedEx from the East coast to California. Due to cost I shipped with 4 day delivery and signature required. At the time, I didn't do much research. But if I were to repeat the exercise would check rates, insurance costs and speed. You're into the hotter weather and would personally prefer quicker due to the heat and humidity. Good luck. Please let us know which way you do wind up going.
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    One piece of advice I got from the lady at my post office was that she would always do 2 day Priority Mail for musical instruments. The weight of packages that go Priority Mail is a lot lower than regular shipping. Handling is supposed to be better also. Less chance of a very heavy item being chucked on top of your ukulele box.

    So far, I’ve had got luck with USPS with insurance & tracking.
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    USPS has always been my preference. I’ve shipped and received dozens of stringed instruments, both inside the US and worldwide, without problems.

    When items I’ve purchased were shipped USPS, I have never had problems on the receiving end that were not caused by poor packaging on the part of the seller.

    I have had problems with damage in transit by both UPS and Fedex....including packages delivered to me on rainy days and left out on the front porch in the pouring rain by Fedex.
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    USPS Priority 2-Day shipping, all the way. Tracking, insurance, and peace of mind are worth whatever extra I pay vs ground or FedEx/UPS.

    I think a lot has to do with your local offices. Our UPS driver at work is amazing, the FedEx one not so much, and I’ve asked HMS to send each purchase I’ve made via UPS rather than their standard FedEx as a result.

    I have also learned that the local USPS Office won’t deliver the half mile down to us here at work, so I have to go pickup from them. And they aren’t the sharpest team, either, so now all USPS gets sent to my home instead.
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    Why don't you ask the person you are sending it to how they would like to get it? I used to live in a condominium that was gated and FedEx wouldn't deliver to us. UPS would leave packages outside the gate on the sidewalk. USPS had a master key. Who would have known that if they didn't ask first?
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    USPS Express Priority is the fastest, with best treatment of a package. It's a bit more expensive than Priority which may or maynot make it in 2 or 3 days.

    I have had good luck with USPS, FedEX, and UPS ground deliveries. Lately, I've been getting the best prices and service from FedEX. 4-days coast-to-coast. Great tracking.

    The most important thing is to pack well. I always ship ukes in case. If you are using just a gig bag, double box it.
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