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Thread: Flight Victoria CEQ Tenor - REVIEW

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    Default Flight Victoria CEQ Tenor - REVIEW

    Flight are a brand who seem to be trying to make each new model better and better. A nice approach. They succeeded here.
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    Very nice review, as always, Baz.
    I really like the sound and the looks of this uke.
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    [I made a comment similar to this on Barry's YouTube review.]

    EDIT: Jul 04, 2019 - 2018 model received and returned... See below**

    I used his link to MusicRoom to order one for delivery to USA. It appears that MusicRoom OnLine is only offering the 2018 model (with the FU-T3 pickup) NOT the Artec Passive pickup (which I wanted). So far, after three email requests MusicRoom hasn't gotten back to me (to cancel). At this point I'm willing to presume that the day/time difference may be matter.

    My main point for posting, however, is to alert other customers to make sure they are getting the 2019 version if the passive pickup is what they want.

    ** It got shipped. Apparently there is no way to cancel an order once placed. After 4 email exchanges with MusicRoom, I DID receive the 2018 model. Flight has send a number of the 2019 models to MusicRoom/Shop since early 2019.

    There is no "coding" or labels on the boxing to indicate year or time of production. As a result, the stockroom cannot tell whether they are shipping a new or old model. The 2018 model that I received was shipped from the Netherlands, not the UK ... perhaps the 2019 models went to showrooms and the old stock is sent to online purchasers. To be fair... the online "does" say 2018. But when I specifically asked if that was accurate I was told that it was possible -after 6 months- that the online wasn't updated.

    A very nice rep from MusicRoom (Audrey) has responded fairly quickly to my inquires. It is obvious she is hampered by insufficient information. They will be accepting a return and I received assurances of a full refund.

    However, if you're a PayPal purchaser, be aware, you won't be refunded your foreign exchange charges or the "cut" they take for processing international transactions. That amounted to around $16 US.

    So if you're taking advantage of GotAUkulele's discount code for this model you may not know which model (Active v. Passive PickUp) you are receiving.
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